Custom team Static jerseys

28th January 2014

Here are our 2014 limited edition team race jerseys (pictured on the left). We have gone for a super stealthy look with a flash of colour making sure you are looking rad on the tracks. your riding bottoms.

For a limited time only we are offering a custom service on the team jersey for the chance to get your name and number, but not like your usual heat pressed name and number print. these will be actully printed into the jersey giving that super clean look.

Also we are giving you the option to choose your own colour!!

All this for same price as our stock jerseys at 49.99!! If you want this exculsive offer contact us via our contact page with your name, number and colour and will get the jersey proofed up and sent to you, to make sure its perfect before printing.

Offer ends 31st January. So be quick!

Keep on shredding



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