British 4x Series Round 6 Leamington Spa 2013

5th September 2013

What a weekend to finish off such an extremely mental season, this year has been full of ups and downs for me, being the first year in a long time that I’ve had to sit and miss one round due injury, however the sun was shining and the track was flowing super fast, which meant only one thing! Practice and put everything I had into this race, the last chance to get on that podium!

Saturdays practice went well, only a few minor changes to the track since the last time I was here, but with it being such a short track putting all your energy into one run can really take it out of you.

My riding was feeling fast and smooth, and with a tight long first straight like this it was essential to be both.

Saturday afternoon saw the ladies training session taken by GB number 1 lady rider Katy Kurd and assisted by myself. With 18 ladies in attendance the largest we have had from a long time gave me the chance to pass on some tips and encourage future growth in our sport.
The girls where great fun to be around, passing on riding tips and having fun.

Now down to racing....
Sunday brought us 13 of the fastest elite riders this season, My start gates where feeling good, I’ve  been working on them at the local track and could really see it paying off. Race time, first motto win, getting rid of the nerves, second motto brought a 2nd and last motto brought another win, feeling strong into the semi finals with first pick of the gate gave me the inside corner and with a nice tight battle down the first straight I took the lead and won the semi taking my place in the A main final. The final gave me 2nd pick of the gate, putting me in gate 2, inside line but in-between all the riders and just my luck I hit the gate and get squashed out down the first straight, jumping into the first corner narrowly avoiding a downed rider and taking the inside line slotted me into 2nd, following closely but not quite being able to get pass in for first place on this narrow track, still achieving my best ever result in elite! Better yet giving me enough points to take 5th in the overall series points.

This year has been a roller coaster and I will be sad to have to wait till next year to see everyone again and get back into racing! Can’t wait already!!!

Now onto Leogang in Austria for the last round of the pro-tour.
I did my last pro-tour back in June up at Fort William and was surprised with my result, Leogang fits in nicely with the World champs as it will be the venue of choose for this year and being selected to represent my country is a big honour 2 weeks in Austria I can’t tell you how much I'm looking forward to this.

Huge thanks to my fantastic sponsors Rubena Tyres, Nurishment Active, Maxim Bikes, Static Clothing and Uber Bike Components. I couldn’t have had the season I have without you guys, hope to see you all next year after a fun filled winter of sprint training in the snow!


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