Metcalfe takes 3rd at the British 4X rnd 4

25th June 2013

Another great weekend for Alex Metcalfe taking home 3rd and really showing form over the last month! Below is Alex's race report!

What a weekend! Round 4 of the Mountain bike British 4x series took us to Redhill, a favourite track for a lot of riders. Not my favourite track but it has never failed to produce some good fast racing.

The weather forecast! Rain, and a lot of it, however with a lot of hoping and a little prayer to the sun god there was only a slight shower, which packed the track down but made the last long grass corner very slippery in the first few heats, which I found out the hard way.

The drive down looked miserable with the sky giving us intermittent down paws, things where looking up as we arrived track side, along with the Maxim bikes guys, this was looking to be a great weekend.

 Tents up, bikes out, kit on and straight for the track. This track isn’t a very physically demanding track, but one slip up with the speed that some of the riders where going down at and your weekend could be over quicker than expected. Never the less my mind wasn’t on the fast straights, big tables or grass corners, it was on the first corner. The first corner is a 180 degree turn from a long first straight into a short drop, very tight and unable to get 4 riders next to each other through it safely, this was a challenge, but it didn’t matter what line you where to practice, until racing there was no knowing what the best thing to do was in that corner.

This brings me to the best bit, race day! I can say I have had a lot of experience with a good and bad race days, but never have I had a race start off so bad but finish so well. First motto saw me stuffed in the first left to chase all the way down to finally going for a move and washing out on the wet grass at the bottom, leaving me to settle for 3 rd . Motto 2 had me leading into the first corner then bang a T bone and not the steak type (where a rider rides into the side of you with their front wheel) sending me over the bars to have my own bike whack me in the side of my helmet on the way down, leaving me in 4 th but due to the dodge move a disqualification played to my advantage moving me up to 3 rd . Then the last motto, things finally looking my way, avoiding another two man pile up in the first corner I took the win.

Semi sheet went up and after a official meeting and deliberation about the incident in my second motto I just got through with last gate pick, which in my eyes on a track like this can be better than having first pick, this leaves me with no stress which I proved as I got through the first corner unharmed and in second all the way down to the line for the A main final.

The A final looked keen and ready for a great race, got a good snap out of the gate but took the low line in the first corner expecting a tumble above me but sure enough none did and I was left in 4 th to play catch up and I wasn’t letting off, catching the place rider’s tyre all the way down not letting him out of my sight I waited for the right moment on the second to last corner dropped down on the inside and made it stick, put the pedal down and came really close to the next two riders but unfortunately ran out of track.

But on the bright side, 3 rd place! My best results so far, after breaking my wrist then placing 11 th at fort William pro tour then a 3 rd podium spot at Redhill, this had defiantly given me the confidence boost I needed to keep up the hard work.

Big thanks to Rubena tyres for supplying my with the Kratos tyres this weekend some great rubber for these racing conditions. Maxim Bike for the frame, also letting me play on the jump bike Saturday night as well. Static Clothing for the new summer range T shirt, Uber Bike for all my component needs and Nurishment for my protein shakes helping towards a speedy recovery. Not long before the next round and the national champs in Bridgenorth where I hope to be on top form! See you guys there!

Photo credits WDC CUTS and Ash Johnson 

Schwalbe British 4X - Round 4 - Redhill a Mountain Biking video by AspectMediaUK


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