Latest member of the Static family, Tom Parker

7th January 2013

We would like to welcome latest member to the team Tom Parker. He will be joining good friend of his Charlie Watts and Jamie Johnson to represent on the dirt/park/slope scene. Coming from BMX, Tom has been killing it in his first year of MTB with his super sick smooth style and got him a place on the ILLBIKE pro team. Unfortunatly Tom took a big stack on a double whip and dislocated his knee at the end of 2012 but never the less he is on his way to recovery and will be smashing out media and competing in the 2013 Dirt wars. We are stoked to have Tom on the team and we look forward to working with him in 2013. So check this guy out and keep checking here for his latest edits, pics and blogs. A big shout out to his over sponsors ILLBIKEco and Void Bike Shop

Statement from Tom

‘I’m super stoked to be joining the Static team alongside my mate Charlie Watts! We’re both on the Void shop team and it’s always a good laugh when we’re out. For 2013 I plan on putting out a ton of media, both on my hardtail DJ bike and my full sus too. I’m also hoping to get my knee fixed up and hit the dirt wars series when it’s all ready to be used, big thanks to Alex @ Static for the hookup! Looking forward to riding for the company, the clothes are real nice and contact between company/rider is phenomenal. Go buy some kids!’ 

For now check out his latest interview with Plus Size Bmx and bike check.

Photos by: Steven Ardley, Ryan Nangle and John Lacey


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