Alex takes home 3rd at the Evans Cycles Multi Story Car Park Urban Dual Race

28th October 2012

The 28th of October brought us into a NCP multi-storey car park race in Cardiff. Hard concrete floors, twist, turns and even the tiniest stair drop I’ve ever seen, even though it caused me 2 flat tyres. Not an ideal place to test out the new maxim 4x bike but it took it well, along with the Uberbike components and Rubena tyres. Got my 6 speed running perfect all my saints gear running perfect and took it all to concrete. The track was mental, not what I had in my head, loads of different turns, but with some big sprints and slippery slopes.  In all there where about 100 riders and the cut off point were top 16 to go through to the knock out stages, a massive drop off point! My qualifying run went well, no major slip ups and I crossed the line in 10th, 0.6 seconds off first place, when all the riders had finished I was bumped down to 13th, but I was still through to the knockouts. I pulled the 4th qualifier in my first heat but as a 4x racer I knew how to gate properly and shut him down in the first corner in both heats. My second heat I shut down and lead to the last corner but binned it and lost out on the stairs in my second run, but the other rider went through the wrong gate so after a discussion we decided on a one run decider and I took the win after leaving him on the floor in the first corner (racings racing!). Semi final was a tough one couldn’t quite get passed in the first heat, but lead to the stairs in the second one but was overtaken due to a flat tyre, even though he got one further down the track, so I pulled the bike on the shoulder and ran across the line like a good sport. First heat in the B final, fighting for 3rd place, I took the win by 0.3 seconds, so it was still any ones games, but oggy took a big crash in the first corner in the second heat which left the track wide open for me took take 3rd. Would like to thank Evans Cycles for putting on a great race along with Dirt Magazine, Mpora, Skull Candy and FOX. Also Maxim Bikes, Static Clothing, Uberbike and Rubena tyres, was a great race, can’t wait for the next one. 

For full race report and photos and videos of the event visit here

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