10th February 2013

We are giving you 15% off our vintage sweater in both colour ways, Charcoal and maroon. This is for only for a limited time, we don't have many left in stock of these and they will not be printed again! So what you waiting for STAND OUT from the crowd and rep our vintage sweater on or off the bike!

All you have to do is go to our shop pick your size and colour and enter promo code VINTAGE at checkout to receive your 15% off.



Will be fine. I have this combination (Though in a bigger tank with other fish). Just keep the tiger barbs in a big group (min 6), that way they'll be more interested in nipping each otnfr.Reeerehces :


Wow! I am so sorry you have had such a bad <a href="[link awaiting verification]; with Janome. I have heard of this with Bernina and Viking, but never with Janome. I guess it depends on the dealer. My Janome has always been great, but it is not an embroidery machine. I own a 6500. I wish I had heard all of the podcast, but it kept cutting off about minute 39. I just read the show notes.


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23 agosto, 2012Wanko MaulWhat’s up guys? saludos a Mitchel y a los de#Bm&s8230;.aros estoy arreglando mi traje de Mr. Maul pues tiene detalle como el cinturon que parece faja y las botas….  


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